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Working visa

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To work legally in Bali you need a working visa (KITAS). Most foreigners running their own business in Bali create a company which then sponsors them for the visa.

The cost of the visa is US$1,200 per year, not including the costs for actually getting the visa.

The application for the working visa can be made in Indonesia, but once it is approved, you need to pick it up at an overseas embassy.

Retirement visa

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Indonesia offers a retirement visa for people over the age of 55 to reside in the country. Bali is becoming a popular place for retirees to spend a few years, with a low cost of living, warm tropical climate and some beautiful villas to stay.

The basic requirements include, being at least 55 years of age, having a pension or retirement income of at least US$1,500, medical insurance and employing at least one maid in Indonesia.

The visa is good for one year and can be extended for a maximum stay of five years.

The following nationalities can apply for the retirement visa:

* Australia
* Austria
* Belgium
* Brunei
* Canada
* Denmark
* Finland
* France
* German
* Italy
* Japan
* Luxemburg
* Malaysia
* Netherlands
* New Zealand
* Norway
* Singapore
* Spain
* Sweden
* Swiss
* Taiwan
* Thailand
* The Philippines
* United Kingdom

Bali visa

Visa free stays

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People from the following countries are eligible for a 30 day visa free stay in Indonesia.

The visa cannot be extended.

1. Brunei Darussalam
2. Chile
3. Hong Kong SAR
4. Macao SAR
5. Malaysia
6. Morocco
7. Peru
8. Philippines
9. Singapore
10. Thailand
11. Vietnam