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Visa on arrival

Posted by Mike on December 20, 2009 under Uncategorized | 38 Comments to Read

For most visitors to Bali and Indonesia, they will be issued with a Visa on Arrival (VOA) at the port of entry into the country.

The visa on arrival is valid for 30 days and costs US$25. The period of stay includes the day of arrival. Make sure you book your tickets for the correct duration, as there are penalties for overstaying your visa.

The visa can only be extended once for another 30 days. If you do plan on staying more than 30 days it might be more convenient to apply for a 60 day visa in advance.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months on the date of entry into the country and you need to have an onward ticket.

The nationalities from the following countries are eligible for visa on arrival (VOA). If your country is not in the list you will need to apply for a visa at your nearest Indonesian consulate or embassy.

1 Algeria
2 Argentine
3 Australia
4 Austria
5 Bahrain
6 Belgium
7 Brazil
8 Bulgaria
9 Cambodia
10 Canada
11 China
12 Cyprus
13 Czech
14 Denmark
15 Egypt
16 Estonia
17 Fiji
18 Finland
19 France
20 Germany
21 Greece
22 Hungary
23 Iceland
24 India
25 Iran
26 Ireland
27 Italy
28 Japan
29 Kuwait
30 Laos
31 Latvia
32 Libya
33 Liechtenstein
34 Lithuania
35 Luxembourg
36 Maldives
37 Malta
38 Mexico
39 Monaco
40 Netherland
41 New Zealand
42 Norway
43 Oman
44 Panama
45 Poland
46 Portugal
47 Qatar
48 Romania
49 Russia
50 Saudi Arabia
51 Slovakia
52 Slovenia
53 South Africa
54 South Korea
55 Spain
56 Surinam
57 Sweden
58 Switzerland
59 Taiwan Territory
60 Tunisia
61 United Arab Emirates
62 United Kingdom
63 USA

  • Johan Visser said,

    I am due to go for a nine day holiday in Bali only.I am a South-African but will be entering Bali from Australia.Do I need to apply for an Indonesian Visa before I commence my trip from South-Africa or would I be allowed to obtain my Via as I disembark from the Aircraft in DesPansaar?.The Passport is valid for the next ten years.

  • Karishma Belhaj said,

    MAy I know if Mauritian citizen are eligible to a VOA?
    If not, where can we apply for one?

  • GARDIES said,

    My girl has an haitian passeport (from Haiti) and we are comming for holidays to jakarta and bali. How can I get the visa for her?

    thank you for your quick answer,


  • will said,

    I am British but my girlfriend is Thai, does she need to apply for a visa? if so where in Bangkok can we do that?


    I will be visiting Bali for a holiday in April and would like to stay for about 6 weeks. Please could you tell me how I can apply for a 60 visa on arrival or in advance.
    Many thanks

  • Imad Choucair said,

    May i know if Lebanese citizen are eligible to a visa on arrival.
    if not, can you guide me where to apply for a tourist visa.
    i live in Bahrain , and i have the resident visa.
    is there any embassy in Bahrain to apply for visa or is there any other procedure.

  • Abdul Latif said,

    why in this list the name of pakistan is not available. if we are not eligible for VOA then how we can visit this earthly paradise?

  • H Vitry said,

    My daughter and I shall be visiting Bali and komodo on a diving trip from the 25th of May till 07th of June 2011. We would like to know where to get a visa for Bali?
    Thank-you for a quick reply.

  • Anna said,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Me, my husband and our 3 y.o. daughter are Ukrainians, but now we have a Singapore green card valid till January 2012. We are plannind to spend few days on Bali and would like to know if we have to apply for the visa in advance or could get it on our arrival at the airport.

    Thank you in advance for the information,

  • sandra nilsen said,

    i am requiring a 30 day exyension on normal 30 visa on arrival i am the sanur area
    where can i obtain this and to what cost am i expected to pay. thank you

  • farida said,

    My boyfriend has an USA passeport (from El salvador) and we are comming for holidays to jakarta and bali. How can I get the visa for him?

    thank you for your quick answer,


  • mahnaz said,

    hi friend!
    parham parvaz agency want working and connecting with you for taking visa ( appointment, application…..)
    thanks and best regards

  • Rita said,

    I saw that I can take the VOA on some airports: Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Manado. I am brazilian and I am arriving in Denpasar Airport. How can I take my VISA?

    Regards, Rita.

  • Rebekah said,


    My partner & myself and going on holiday to Bali in April 2012. We are coming from Australia. Is there anything we need to do in regards to getting a Visa or do you receive one on arrival? If not what do we need to do and if so what must we do once we arrive to recieve the Visa?

    Thank you,

  • Ms Anu said,

    – Our route is India>Jakarta>Bali>Jakarta>India return. Will I need multiple entry visa for indonesia??
    – Does Indonesia offer visa-on-arrival for Indians?
    – Does Bali offer visa-on-arrival for Indians?
    – Fees?

    I did not see the Visa process on the internet. Various websites offer various information ­čÖü
    Please guide us.

  • Ammie Smith said,

    I am wanting to send my daughter to bali by herself to meet my sister in law. She is 15 years old. Will she be allowed to apply for visa on arrival and go through immigration and custom by herself

    Please apply as quick as possible as im planning to book ticket in the next few days

  • Tash said,


    Could you please advise if Mauritian citizenship are eligible for Visa on Arrival?
    If not, how can i apply for one?


  • Lia said,

    Do I need to bring photo for visa on arrival?

  • Nieske Tegel said,

    What is the price for a visa and can this be paid by creditcard?

  • Alex said,

    Hi there, I am already in Bali for 40 days, and my visa was issued for 1 month, how can I extend it for an other 10 days? Thank you

  • vlada said,

    hi i am ukrainian do i get visa on arrivel?

  • susmita said,

    Im from Nepal..do i get visa on arrival?? for Indians its not required

  • Kimmy said,

    How about Hong Kong Passport which not on the list?

  • Susan Stallabrass said,

    I will be visiting Bali from the UK for more than a month, intending to travel on to Australia, but will not have already booked my flight to Austrlia. Will I still be able to buy a 30 day visa and renew it for a further 30 days?

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  • May said,

    May I ask do Hongkong citizen need a visa?or VOA is fine?
    Thank you!

  • admin said,

    It shouldn’t be a problem.

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  • ROBIN said,

    Hi, Can we obtain Visa for Bali (for a holiday 15 days) on-line?

    Thanking you,

  • admin said,

    Not available online unfortunately. You just get it at the airport when you arrive. The 15 day visa is no longer available – only 30 days.

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  • mariana said,

    hello, If by mistake of my plane ticket I am stayng 33 days isntead of 30 is there much trouble?? what can I do???

  • Grace said,

    Am from west Africa can possibly go to Bali without a visa?

  • Joan said,

    HI There

    I have a Maurtious passport but live in Australia and want to come to Bali, what is the process? I cant see Maurtious on the list to get Visa on Arrival. can you please help me?

  • Mike said,

    Apply for a tourist visa at your closest Indonesian consulate or embassy.

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  • Marianna said,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I will be visiting Bali for holiday in April (2weeks) I am Ukrainian but I am living in Australia and I am permanent resident of Australia. I would like to know if I have to apply for visa in advance or could get it on my arrival at the airport.

    Thank you

  • Mariia said,

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Good afternoon. We are citizens of Ukraine, are going to Bali on 12 May , we can obtain a visa on arrival ? What documents do we need ? We missed out on the pre- customs without valid visa ?

    Thank you

  • Bani said,

    Hi I’m from Mauritius and currently on holiday in australia. I want to go to Bali for 5days. Will I be granted a VoA!?
    Thank U

  • Bani said,

    Hi, I’m from Mauritius and actually on holidays in Australia. Planning to go to Bali for 5 days. Will I be granted a VoA?
    thank U

  • yannick said,


    Can we get tourist visa upon arrival for Mauritian passport? What is the duration: 15 or 30 days?

    Thanks in advance

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