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Working visa

Posted by Mike on December 20, 2009 under Uncategorized | 3 Comments to Read

To work legally in Bali you need a working visa (KITAS). Most foreigners running their own business in Bali create a company which then sponsors them for the visa.

The cost of the visa is US$1,200 per year, not including the costs for actually getting the visa.

The application for the working visa can be made in Indonesia, but once it is approved, you need to pick it up at an overseas embassy.

  • Shane said,

    Hi, need to know the solutions of applying working Visa in Bali, do I have to set a company in Bali so that can get the visa? or perhaps there is another way?

  • admin said,

    If you find a job and the company is willing to sponsor you, then you can get a working visa.

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  • Nicole said,

    I am wanting information about a working visa in Bali. I will not be living in Bali nor working everyday in Bali. But I will be flying in to work for a wedding for one day. Will this still require a working visa??

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